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Diabetic Balancer 90 tablets

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Can natural medicine help people with diabetes? Absolutely, in fact the most effective treatment of diabetes and other blood sugar problems requires the utilization of key lifestyle, dietary, and nutritional supplement strategies.

  • Significandy reduce the risk for developing diabetes; even if many of your family members or ancestors are or were diabetic

  • Possibly reverse Type 2 diabetes

  • Improve the sensitivity of cells to the action of insulin thereby improving glucose tolerance and normalizing blood sugar

  • Promote weight loss and slow down or block the absorption of sugar from the intestinal tract

  • Effectively reduce the complications of diabetes including heart disease and retinopathy

  • Improve the actions of drugs and insulin while at the same time reducing their side effects

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Serving size: 1 tablet

Servings per container: 90

Proprietary Blend 620mg

Rehmannia Root, Anemarhena, Wolfberry Fruit, Red Ginseng, Milkvetch Root, Cornus Fruit, Asparagus Root, Chinese Yam, Schisandra Fruit, Trichosanthis, Wolfporia Extensa